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K8S安装flannel报错解决(pods with system-node-critical priorityClass is not permitted in kube-flannel namespace)

2023-10-30 myluzh Kubernetes

0x01 关于部署flannel失败 在上一个过程中,部署高可用k8s集群后,在master节点安装flannel网络插件,部署后没有pod,后面经过分析报错如下: # 在master节点apply kube-flannel.yml 提示所有东西都已经创建了。 [root@k8s-master01 ~]# kubectl apply -f kube-flannel.yml namespace/kube-flannel created created created serviceaccount/flannel created configmap/kube-flannel-cfg created daemonset.apps/kube-flannel-ds created # 在kube-flannel里面 找不到任何pod [root@k8s-master01 ~]# kubectl g...


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